Painting No. 102 - Sunlit Church

8" x 16" - Oil on Canvas

No. 102 is a painting of the First United Methodist Church in downtown Athens. It originated with the same set from the end of last year. We were working our way from campus into downtown and I really liked the way the light hit the front of the church.

This was another one of those like Headed Home or Pharmacy at Night that I felt should have been a home run but proved much harder to execute. In my head this is exactly what I want to paint but I end up feeling more rigid compared to when I am painting fruit.

It's not that I think it's awful but it just does not capture what I know it could and that is REALLY frustrating. You look at someone like Stephen Magsig and appears effortless to describe that light but it's a much, much harder task.

As a side note, how weird is it to have two 8" x 16" paintings in a row? Probably the last of those for a while.


  1. Nice one! I'm going to start calling you Hooper instead of Hopper. :)

  2. This is gorgeous bro! Nice job - I especially love the blue sky. So pretty!!


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