Painting No. 109 - Apple Bowl IV

20" x 16" - Oil on Canvas

Here is the painting that came out of the study on 108. You can click on the image to see a more detailed version. This is the biggest one I've done since starting the blog and it was both fun and terrifying to work this large.

For something so simple there is a lot going on in this. The bowl has this cement feel to it, I had to get the feel of beat up wood, the apples had to look like apples and then the light behind it all had to be just right. Lots of different textures in a pretty sparse layout.

Most of it came together without gnashing of teeth. The funny thing was the background. I had it the color I wanted but it was almost perfectly even and boring. I decided to try a line of light going diagonally through the background and that gave it the life it needed.


  1. One of your best ones yet Adam!

  2. Adam, this is just beautiful!!! REally love it!!

  3. Beautiful! Love the colors and the texture of the table top.

  4. This is so gorgeous bro!! I absolutely love it and wish it could go in my kitchen! :-)

  5. Thank you all for the kind comments!


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