Painting No. 95 - Headed Home

8" x 8" - Oil on Canvas Board

Here is the first of the Athens set. As Chris Rank (is that better Rank?) and I were driving back into town we passed by the old bus stop on Broad Street. I said "wow that's nice" and started to keep driving. We were at a light and Chris, being Chris, jumped out of the car, stood in the middle of the street and got the shot. That's how fast these things go away. If he had not been there I would have kept on driving and this would have never existed.

The morning light on a place where people leave and arrive just seemed right. It's a new morning and maybe someone is leaving Athens forever. Or they could be coming into town for the first time. It's in the eye of the beholder and that's what makes it fun.


  1. I'm still pissed you sold this. I wanted it. WAAAh. :)


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