No. 337 - Faith Chapel

6" x 8" - Oil on Canvas Panel

This painting features Faith Chapel on Jekyll Island. We were there this summer, and the light was so clear on the church that I knew it would be fun to paint. I had a workshop coming up with James Richards and saved this one to work on during the weekend.

At the workshop, I got the painting to the point where I normally drive it off the cliff when it was my turn to receive feedback. James picked up the paintbrush, studied it for a minute, and then started painting. It was unbelievably helpful to see someone so talented take over where I constantly fall. So much of painting is decision making, and it was fascinating to watch his process directly change something I was processing.

Needless to say, I painted this but it was James who made it what it is. He painted directly on this and made it what it is.


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