No. 317 - Standing in the Rain

8" x 8" - Oil on Canvas Panel

A couple of weeks ago I attended a one-day workshop with Jim Richards that was organized by Art Station in Stone Mountain. They scheduled the event as a part of their Stone Mountain Plein Air Paint Out event.

The weather did not cooperate, and we ended up getting rained on all day, but in a strange way it worked out great. I've avoided painting in any kind of weather up to this point, and it was so great to watch Jim set up and handle it without being bothered at all. After experiencing the day, I can understand how you might even seek it out and how weather adds a new level of interest. The process was sort of a mess, but I learned a tremendous amount.

The only downside was that after the full day of painting I was so gassed that I could not drag back over there in the rain and participate in the actual paint-out event. Which was a bummer.

A note about the actual painting: As stated above, this was done as part of a workshop with James Richards. He directly helped me with the site selection, composition and even painted on this. So, yes, I painted it but anything that is working is a direct result of his input and work.

Here's me in the rain working on it. The umbrella was over the canvas hence the hood.


  1. I like this little painting, especially the translucency of it, and I salute you for painting in the rain, too! I suppose it's often the only way, eh. But tell me, where did you get an umbrella that attaches to your easel? I've been unable to find such a thing.

  2. Hi there and thanks for the comment. The umbrella I use is a "Best Brella" - here is a link to their website:

    Best Brella's are not the cheapest option but I've found that it's very durable and can be positioned in nearly any direction.


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