No. 275 - Chattahoochee River View

8" x 10" - Oil on Canvas Panel

Now that it's warmed up a bit here in Georgia I've finally started going outside to paint. We live near the Chattahoochee River, and there are several parks where you can walk along the banks of the river. This outing was the first time I'd used my new Easyl Versa "in the wild" so that was fun.

I found an area that looked good with a decent sized shoal where I could set up. I walked down to the end of the bank, looked through my viewfinder and decided this was the spot. As I started back, I looked down saw a snake lying right in front of me. I had stepped right over him when I walked down to the end! I used a stick to get him to move, and he slithered off the bank and into the river. Needless to say, this freaked me out a little bit. I took a couple deep breathes, got set-up and proceeded to start painting.

Here's the friend I met...

This is what the view looked like from my spot


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