No. 274 - The Hardest Part

8" x 6" - Oil on Canvas Panel

This painting stinks, but the fact that it exists is what's important. I've wanted to get better at Plein air painting but in order to get better you actually have to do it. Buying books and equipment is great but to improve you have to get outside.

There are countless legitimate reasons why I'm unable paint outdoors more often, but I think a lot of it has to do with fear. Fear of what? Of paintings like this! This painting is not great, and I want to do great work. This is evidence that I'm not perfect. But, what I'm realizing is that the process of refinement is the fun part.

After a few years of doing this it feels like the hardest part of painting is pushing through the fear and doubt. Starting is hard. Not giving up when it's going poorly is hard. But staying and fighting is where the magic is. The lessons I learn in those moments are what keep me coming back.


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