No. 260 - Snowed In

10" x 8" - Oil on Canvas Panel

This painting was done as a part of the class I take with Barbara Jaenicke. She loves to paint snow and is so good with those types of landscapes. I'd only attempted any kind of snow setting once and after receiving the photo we'd be working from I knew this would be a challenge.

What I found most fascinating was the color mixing that went into the snow. My only other snow painting (No. 100) had used mostly cool grays but Barabara puts so much color in her snow. I went a little too overboard with this one but it was great to stretch and see what happens when the chroma is dialed up. 

Note: This painting was done as part of a class I take with Barbara Jaenicke.  The photo, composition and direction on this piece was from Barbara as a part of the class. 


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