No. 239 - Hot Tree

8" x 6" - Oil on Panel

On the last day of our California trip, I decided to climb one of the larger hills and paint an oak tree. It was over 102ยบ that day and the heat, combined with the fact that there are apparently rattlesnakes everywhere, made for a very challenging afternoon. I think I was starting to experience heat stroke and called it a day before finishing the painting. Once I got back to the house I experimented with my block-in and ended up with this. 


  1. Bro!!! I am SO behind on your blog--these are gorgeous!! So great to see them. This one just makes me chuckle--you painting with the rattlesnakes :-). And it was ridiculously hot that day.These all turned out beautifully!!

  2. Thanks sis! I've been trying to slowly get back into it again. This was a fun one to revisit - lots of good memories even with the heat and rattlers!


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