No. 211 - Table for One II

8" x 6" - Oil on Canvas

This one goes back to No. 94 from 2010. I had picked it up again in 2011 and tried to do a 40" x 30" of the same basic composition but never finished the painting. I could not figure out what it was missing so I ended up painting it a number of times at the 8" x 6" size to try and understand it better. This one is really more of a value study but it felt like it clicked.


  1. It's a poignant portrayal of solitary dining; the lack of clarity, the diminished vibe, thoughts left undirected turn into random ideas and blurred revelations. I feel like I was the one you painted because the painting totally reveals what I feel when I am dining alone.


  2. Thanks Lynn. Your description completely encapsulates what drew me to the scene and I loved reading that!


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