Painting No. 200 - Trees at Pooles Mill

18" x 24" - Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas

Finally done – another 100 in the books. It seemed like I had to go back to the trees one more time and as it worked out they are closing out the year. I think I learned more from painting those stupid trees than anything else this year and am glad I got to do a big one of them. At 18" x 24" this is one of the largest things I painted all year and it was a completely different process.

My original plan was to have this one be 199 and the larger painting from Trappeze be No. 200 but it was too big and too complicated to finish in time. Here is a picture of that one next to No. 200. That guy is 40" x 30"

This was a fun year and I think I made more progress in 2011 vs. 2010 even though the work may not have been as finished or as varied. I'm starting to learn how to paint and that was what this was all supposed to be about.

I think I'm going to keep rolling in 2012. In the last 75 days I've basically been a "daily" painter and so while I've got some momentum going it makes sense to keep painting. Last year I stalled out and did not ever get moving until the spring. I'll rest for a few days and then get a plan together.

Thanks for reading and I'll see you next year!


  1. Congratulations Adam! You have some great work this year! Good luck for 2012!

  2. Thanks Dawn! It was down to the wire just like last year. I think I have a plan for 2012 and can't wait to get back to it. Thanks for being such an encouragement last year!


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