Painting No. 154 - Trees XVIII

6" x 8" - Oil on Canvas Board

Alright... at long last, the final tree painting. I had done that whole run where the sky was pink or yellow and the background trees were really blue and wanted to try one last one that was different. I decided to go back to more of the greens and close on that. I really love this one and wish I had paid more attention to the dirt area. Otherwise it's exactly what I wanted to paint. It only took doing it 18 times...

I'll start with something new on Monday. Promise.


  1. I've enjoyed your tree series. It's fun to see what can be done with one scene painted differently each time. Well done!

  2. Did you look at your first side-by-side to this last one? Incredible transition!

  3. Thanks Linda and Dawn! I learned more than I thought I would even if they did drag on a bit. I did look at them side by side and that felt really good. We would spread out all 18 or so on the floor to compare and my daughter would play with them.


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