Painting No. 150 - Trees XIV

6" x 8" - Oil on Canvas Board

Well I am finally to No. 50 for the year. That took long enough. There are only 53 days left in the year (I think) but I feel pretty good about hitting the goal. That may seem crazy when it's taken this long to get to 50 but these trees have taught me a lot about how to approach and then hit a subject. We'll see...

So, with this one - I feel pretty good about it. The colors feel right - maybe a little too pink but overall this is what I was wanting. The tops of the trees are not really singing but it's close. Getting better at least.


  1. I like this one a lot Adam. You can really see your progress!

    I'm feeling your pain a bit on the deadline. At the first of the year, 100 seemed easy! Then my kid joined band and football at school and everything went to heck. Also, I painted some larger paintings this year when I should have kept it small.

    I'm cheering you on and also feel a bit not-so-alone! I only have 8 followers on my blog, but feel like I would be letting people down.


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