Painting No. 136 - Gallery Sunlight

 11" x 14" - Oil on Canvas

No. 136 is the last Cheekwood painting for the year and it's a little different because it's an interior. As we were leaving I saw this scene, pointed it out to Chris and was going to walk right by when he insisted that I take a shot. So just like the Bus Stop one from last year it was him making me stop that allowed this one to live.

I was nervous to try this due to it's complexity and doing on an 11' x 14' was both a help and a hindrance. I wrestled with it for several days before finally getting happy. All in all it's one of my favorites from this year.

This is really the stopping point for what I've been doing this year. I'll start posting a whole new set on Wednesday.


  1. You know who taught me how to wrestle? Jerry Cooper.

  2. Love this one!! So good and has such a good vibe.


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