Painting No. 133 - Cheekwood Path

7" x 5" - Oil on Canvas Board

So I think I'm finally back after a little break there. I don't know what happens in August but it kills my creativity. Last year I hit a bad wall at this time and the same thing happened again this year. Who knows. Thankfully I found a way out of the funk and should be posting (fingers crossed) through the end of the year.

This one is another from that same Cheekwood trip in Nashville. This is a different view and I have a few others to try from that day.


  1. I lived in Nashville (loved it!) and visited Cheekwood many times. This is lovely and you did a great job with all the greens and capturing the light. Well done!

  2. Thanks Linda, I appreciate it! I would love to go back and really spend some time there because I only got a few shots.

    By the way, I've been enjoying your Faces series. It's been cool to watch those evolve.


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