Painting No. 120 - Forgotten Chevy

7" x 5" - Oil on Canvas Board

No 120 is another one from the Art Barn. There was this great old truck just sitting there and I had to grab some shots of it. Carol Marine & James Coulter had recently been painting trucks and I lucked up on seeing the one that Farmer Sue had.

Also, I was checking out the Daily Paintworks Challenge site and the one from a week or so ago was the "value challenge." Carol talked about using only Burnt Sienna and after digging through my paintbox I realized did not have any. I use raw sienna all the time but had never bought the burnt variety.

Well, I was glad that I read that post because I love that color. The portraits I had been doing were a touch yellow because I was using a lot of Ochre and the burnt sienna just evens it all out.


  1. Gosh, this is just so good!! I feel like you have really hit your stride - keep 'em coming!!! Love you.


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