Painting No. 113 - Invocation

12" x 9" - Oil on Canvas

Here is the last of the Wild Heaven ones. This is the full size, 12" x 9" that we used on all the packaging. This one is relatively close to the study, just a little tighter.

Below is a great shot of the four pack taken by Chris Rank who incidentally took the photo of the actual painting as well. A whole lotta Rank going on in this post.

This was fun but we will be back to the normal stuff next week. The year is clipping by and I've got to get moving.


  1. We bought a pack of both this week!! It looks amazing - I'm so very proud of you! (oh, and the beer is pretty darn good too, hehe).

  2. Yeah, i'm proud to say that all the WIld Heaven in this house is gone! Proud or sad? Not sure which is better. :)

    I was a part of history- It sure was fun.

    And to think- the paint was still wet when we shot it!

  3. Congratulations Adam! That is really cool!

  4. Thanks y'all! I totally forgot about it still being wet when we shot it...

  5. Just totally awesome!! So proud of you!!


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