Painting No. 106 - Market Street Bridge

12" x 9" - Oil on Canvas

No. 106 is a painting of one of the main bridges in Chattanooga. I did this originally as a watercolor back in 2003. When I first opened the Etsy store I added a number of watercolors from back then. The painting of the bridge sold a few weeks ago but when I went to ship it out I could not find it and discovered that I had misplaced a whole set of watercolors. It kills me because I know they are here somewhere but I've torn the house apart and can not find them.

I had to write the person who bought it, explain the situation and offered to do an oil of the same picture. So, that is where this painting came from. They were very understanding and everything worked out in the end.


  1. Please do more of Chattanooga. We will buy them. ;)

  2. Would love to see more Chattanooga!

  3. Thanks for the comments. I can't wait to do more from Chattanooga. It feels like there is a painting around every corner there and I'm looking forward to exploring it more.


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