Painting No. 101 - Second Serve

8" x 16" - Oil on Canvas

So I'm finally back to posting now. I think I needed a really long break to get some perspective and put last year into context. I'm still processing it all but I know I have a lot of painting in front of me.

No. 101 was a gift. It's a portrait of my friend, Chuck, who had diligently led the men's group I attend each Wednesday morning. For the last five years Chuck has been there to teach us, mentor us and put up with my garbage.

The first time we met he told me that at 30 he had a successful business, a loving wife and a little baby and asked me if that sounded familiar. It did. He then proceeded to tell me how a few bad decisions blew apart his life and left a trail of emotional wreckage he was still cleaning up. He told me to check myself and be very, very careful. Wow, nice to meet you too.

Chuck has spend probably the better part of 15 years putting his life back together after that and using his experiences to help guys like me avoid the pain he went through. He got married in January and the painting was a gift from the guys in our group. It was an honor to do it and I love the idea that with time and forgiveness we can get a second serve in life.


  1. Love it!! What a great painting and a great post. Glad to see you're back to it - you need to post the Peachtree RR design on here and give people the voting link!!


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