Painting No. 96 - Three Tangerines

8" x 8" - Oil on Canvas Board
Available for Purchase

Here's No. 96. I had not really intended to do any more fruit / still life ones but Mom had a tangerine with the stem still on it and it was too good to pass up. I grabbed that one and two others we had for this painting.

For this one I laid down a bright orange ground and then worked on top of that while it was still wet. The problem was, everything was so orange that the tangerines blended into the foreground. I let it dry a day and then went back into it. That is a tricky situation but this time it worked out. I added some red to the foreground, darkened parts of the background and gave the tangerines a pop of yellow on their highlights. Adding in the extra colors helped give this some depth it needed. I was just glad I did not screw it up.

That's it for the fruit though. It feels weird to be totally done with them for the year. I feel like I've come a long way since that first pear.


  1. So beautiful--and I loved the bus stop!!

  2. This is gorgeous!!! Can't believe you are almost done - what a year! I also love the bus stop - your Athens show will be awesome!


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