Painting No. 94 - Table for One

12" x 9" - Oil on Canvas

No. 94 is from the same day at Trappeze but this time we're looking at the whole place instead of zooming in on one beer. There is something about that booth in the middle of the afternoon that makes for a good image. Rank has a great shot from a year or so ago from the same exact place and I've even seen others on Flicker with about the same composition. Something about the light pouring in through the windows on the dark booth. It just works.

The actual dude in the bar that day was pretty frumpy so I had to give him a hair cut and put him in a little more shadow to make it mysterious. There were also some other people here and there but they were all removed (sounds ominous) in order to make it feel a little more quiet.

I was amazed at how much color was in this when essentially it's a black and white painting. You have these pretty obvious diagonals of black and white that are cutting this in half but the rest of it is some pretty crazy color. Oranges, greens purples and a lot of light blues here and there. It felt good to use those colors in this kind of painting - unlike an outdoor landscape or a regular still life. Lots going on.


  1. i love how i'm just a last name. :)

    nice one dude. can't wait to see no. 100!

  2. I corrected that on No. 95. You are now properly noted.

    That said, we could always convert your name to a symbol like Price circa 1996. I can design one for you.

  3. Is this one for sale? We love it!!!!!


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