Painting No. 92 - Allagash Victoria

8"x 8" - Oil on Canvas Board

Here is the first of a set I am doing from Trappeze, which is owned by my good friend Eric, in Athens. Chris and I went over for the day a week or so ago (when it was frickin cold) and took some shots of Athens at sunrise and then a bunch inside Trappeze. I have thought about painting beer all year and it was good to finally get into it.

Painting these has been a lot more fun than I even thought. I don't know if it's the colors in the glass or all the weird shapes but it's easy to work with. Maybe it's just because I like good beer. This one in particular is an Allagash on the windowsill. My favorite part of this one is seeing the reflection of the window in the top of the bottle. I've got a few more of these in the works.

The really fun part is that we are going to have a for-real show with the finished set at Trappeze sometime next year. It's not for sale here but will be up during the show. That will be my first art show (sort-of) so it will be an experience.


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