Painting No. 90 - Sunset, The Meadows

10" x 8" - Oil on Canvas Board
Available for Purchase

N0. 90 is another where I was trying to push this latest dip and trying to get motivated. Sometimes I'll try something different just to get back into the groove and this is one of those.

I painted the canvas solid black and decided to "carve" the light out of the black base. So the darkest dark of the trees is actually the raw base and all the color was laid on-top of it. I did not get it get 100% dry so I had a hard time keeping the colors really pure but it was still fun to try.

And hey, I made it to 90! Only ten more to go and I feel like I'm back into it now. For a few days there I was afraid that I might run out of gas but now I think we are clear. It may be December 31 before the last one goes up but one way or another I will make it.


  1. Got the painting yesterday, Adam. Thanks so much - I do love it! I realized I could have popped over and picked it up. Maybe "next time" I can do that.

    Marty Davis

  2. Thanks for letting me know Marty. It's always good to know they made it there safe. As I was packaging it up I had the same thought. I think it would have been faster to drive it over vs. standing in line at the post office. Lesson learned.


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