Painting No. 82 - Pomegranates & Vase

8" x 10" - Oil on Canvas Board

No 82 is another one with pomegranates and I added in the same vase from No. 14 way back in February. I made a very deliberate attempt with 82 to slow way down and only lay down the minimum variances to make it look like a pomegranate. The last two felt like they had too many brush strokes and I was trying to experiment with using fewer strokes. I'm really happy with the result but it's not as gnarly as it probably should be.

I was also really excited about the butterfly on the vase. If you try to paint a butterfly it would look 100%, totally awful. I've learned this. So I took a deep breath and just put down the little blobs and blips. I was praying it would work because I was so happy with the pomegranates and am glad it did.


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