Painting No. 78 - Egan's Greenway

9" x 12" - Oil on Stretched Canvas

No. 78 is from the Egan's Greenway on Amelia Island. Same walk as No.'s 36 & 53 from earlier in the year. This one is on a 9" x 12" so it's considerably bigger than the smaller ones.

Painting these landscapes feels totally insane for about the first 60% of it. Even if you stand back things look insane and while I know it will form up it still looks like an abstract painting for a good chunk of the process. Then, if you stick to what you see it all starts to come into focus and you can see a path, a tree, some water, etc. Every time it feels like a leap of faith that works out. Most of the time.


  1. looking great man. you are seriously hitting your stride


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