Painting No. 77 - Heavy Hitter

12" x 9" - Oil on Canvas
Available for Purchase

No 77 is the first of three more from Amelia Island. This was taken from the docks on the Cumberland Sound and I edited out all the other boats to give this one some more space. I had no idea what the boat was called but zoomed in on my shot and was able to make out the name of the boat as "Heavy Hitter." After a little digging on Google and I found their web site which is cool to see after the fact.

This one took a little effort to make the sky and water really work. I've been doing all the ones since I started back in one sitting but this was the first where I went back and tightened it up. The only way to really paint the water is to do a real blurry undercoat and then come back on top with the short wave strokes.

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!


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