Painting No. 71 - Grapefruit

10" x 8" - Oil on Canvas

Here is an oldie but not-so-goodie from earlier in the year. I don't know what it is but this one bothered me and I never felt compelled to properly finish it. It started out well enough - the left one came together nicely but it was that bottom one and the background that we just awful.

On the first pass I totally got the shape totally wrong. It was all wonky and I had to go back in and try to corrected it. Then the background. I tried green, then blue, then gave up and used white. This was back when the background were just giving me fits. So there is No. 71 - a peek inside the ones that did not make it all the way.

I think I have more of these kind for tomorrow and then will be back into normal stuff.


  1. Bro, I think this looks awesome!! I love the inside of the grapefruit especially!! You are being too hard on yourself! This would look just lovely in my kitchen, so i may have to swipe it from you . . . :)


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