Painting No. 69 - Hachiya Persimmons

6" x 6" - Oil on Canvas Board

After a few landscapes I switched back to fruit and decided to try painting some persimmons. Evi and I went to the grocery store and just bought whatever looked interesting. The results of that trip were these two persimmons, an orange bell pepper, a few pears and some Habanero peppers. So it looks like I will have a lot of orange things that start with "p" for the next week or so.

The persimmons are tricky because they are so smooth and even in texture. One of the fun things about painting pears is the fact that every inch they change directions and are strangely lumpy. The persimmons are almost like tomatoes so you have to make the transition smooth but interesting.

I've also got a few odds and ends this week that have been stacking up. Gearing up for the final push here - it will be the end of the year before you know it.


  1. Thanks Meredith! I got one more done before they went back that turned out too. Later!


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