Painting No. 60 - Coolidge Park Fountain

8" x 6" - Oil on Canvas Board
Available for Purchase

No. 60 (whee) comes to us from Coolidge Park in Chattanooga. At the base of the Walnut Street Bridge there is this fantastic park with fountains, a merry-go-round and all kinds of fun stuff. Les and I were there last year during the summer and it was a perfect day for kids to splash in the fountains. Each of the sculptures surrounding the center are animals (the one in the center of the painting is an elephant) and Evi has had a lot of fun climbing on them.

This one was really, really fun to paint. There is so much going on that I had to just let it happen and not try to lock-in and make it too tight. It's also the first one that has any kind of people in it. There is a boy on the left side and then all kinds of people in the back. It's super loose and impressionistic but it was a blast to have that element added into the painting.

With a sunny afternoon and some time you could probably find over 100 paintings right in that little corner of the world.


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