Painting No. 59 - On My Way Back Home

8" x 6" - Oil on Canvas Board
Available for Purchase

Here's something a little different. I wanted to shift gears and do a few landscapes and had this shot from earlier in the year.

Every Monday I work on site with a client and come home on Windemere Parkway. When the time changes it's normally dusk or dark when I'm headed back and occasionally you get a pretty decent sunset. I liked the almost night-time feel of this with the headlights of the cars paired with the sunset. It makes me feel optimistic but at the same time it feels like there is a long way to go. Title is lifted from the new Band of Horses album which (I think) is quite good. That song actually feels perfect for this painting.


  1. Very cool bro - you are cranking out some amazing work!! I love it!!

  2. Thank you for this back story...I'm the one that bought this from it, now love even more with the music...

  3. Glad you got to see that post. It's always more fun when you know the story behind something.


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