Painting No. 55 - Three for the Road

6" x 6" - Oil on Canvas Board
Available for Purchase

Switching gears here and moving back to the fruit for just a bit. I liked how the last couple of fruit paintings turned out but I wanted to try and be a little more loose and experiment a bit with the color. I think I would paint everything with that brown / ocher background but it's good to try different things. This one too I tried to look down on the apples to get a different perspective. I was too chicken to try it straight down but this is getting there.

Believe it or not, the red ones are a lot easier to paint. They have so many more colors (which would seem to complicate it) but the variances on the granny smith's are much more subtle and harder to capture. More tomorrow.


  1. Gorgeous!!! If it's possible, these just keep getting better and better!

  2. Thanks Meredith, you are too kind. Glad you like them!


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