Painting No. 51 - Origami Duck (Red)

6" x 6" - Oil on Canvas Board

No. 51 is another Origami one. This time it's a duck. I had done a couple of these way back at the beginning of the year and wanted to try a couple more. This is the first of two that are mirror images of each other. This one is in red and 52 is in blue.

I actually made the duck, put it on a red shirt and painted it from life. Also, this was the one that finally got me to get some actual fabric to paint these on. I had this shirt from Miller Brothers that was very expensive but it was the right color red so I used it. Afterwards I realized how dumb it would have been to ruin that shirt for a $15 painting. So now I have lots of different bases to use instead of the clothes off my back.

The blue one will go up tomorrow. Later!


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