Painting No. 45 - Roswell Square

8" x 6" - Oil on Canvas Board

Number 45 is the last of the monochrome ones (at least for a while) and is of the historic square in Roswell, GA. We had an office there for a few years and I've passed by this corner at least a couple thousand times. The shop on the corner is Wedding Angels but the square has been there for years and according to Rank this used to be a gas station way back when.

I've been incredibly digging the work of Stephen Magsig the last few months and this is my first attempt of doing these small cityscapes. This one is a little rough but does get the essence of the place. Magsig seems to always find a way to boil a landscape down to it's absolute base but still give the viewer enough detail to make it real.

I've got couple weird ones coming up and then we are off to the races again with more color and "normal" paintings. Later.


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