Painting No. 33 - Mirror, Mirror

10" x 8" - Oil on Canvas

Here's number 33. I'm almost done with apples (this is the next to last one, at least for a while) and it's the first time I've used an object like the silver bowl with it.

This is a relatively simple composition but there are some tricky things going on with it. For some reason, after working on it for a while, the apples took on certain personalities. The one in the front is looking at itself in the bowl - admiring it's beauty. The other, in the background, is either lurking or clearly feels lower than the apple out front.

Technically, painting the bowl & reflection was a little tricky. With a reflection all bets are off. The shape, color and perspective are all backwards and mixed up so you have to just paint the fields of color. I also had to paint the reflection much looser so it would not compete with the one out front.

That's it for now. See you Sunday!


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