Painting No. 32 - A Tale of Two Apple Bowls

8" x 8" - Oil on Canvas

There is a story behind this one. I have been trying to get "closer" with my first pass at the canvas as this year has gone by. Instead of just flubbing my way through the first sitting I am trying to concentrate and really get it as complete as I can. Other painters like Karen Jurick and Carol Marine sit down, paint it once and they are done. But the thing is, I'm not there yet.

So, I started this one a few weeks back and had it lined up to "fix" - that was until Leslie decided it was done. We went back and forth about how I saw this totally as a start and she thought it was good the way it was. She was afraid that I would screw it up.

I normally just ignore her and push on but she protested so much that I decided we would take the Pepsi Challenge. Instead of risking it on this guy I started the exact same painting this weekend and should have it done by Sunday. So, this one now belongs to Leslie. We will see what the tighter one looks like.

My philosophy is that you have to possess the ability to nail the tight aspects of a painting before you can start taking things out and boiling it down. Then again I love sweater vests.


  1. I agree with Les. I like this one just the way it is. It is a different style than most of your others but I really like it. You should try more like this and see what sort of response you get. BTW, loved the last one of the four apples!! And I love you!! Mom

  2. I'm with mom and Les - you gotta listen to the ladies in your life :-) I love this one! It's gorgeous!!

  3. this one is very hopper esque. I'm also wondering who reads this blog other than me, your mom, and your sister. :)


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