Painting No. 35 - Apple Bowl, Part II

8" x 8" - Oil on Canvas

Here is number 35, which is the sister painting of No. 32. As I mentioned in that one, Leslie forbid me from doing anything else to it after the first take and I wanted to finish it so I started over. Personally, I like this one so much more. Not just because it is "finished" but because I took what was good about the other one and pushed it. Some of it is personal preference I guess but I am just happy I did it again and got it here.

This one is the last of the apples probably until the end. I have enjoyed staying on a subject and it has made me better at painting them, but I am tired of apples. The next six or so will be from the Georgia coast and they are shaping up nicely.

This is an 8" x 8", original oil painting, done on stretched canvas.


  1. Wow, Adam, this is beautiful. Can't believe Les let this one out the door!!

  2. Wow bro, this is gorgeous!! I LOVE it--nice work!! :-)


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