Painting No. 30 - The Slice

10" x 8" - Oil on Canvas

Here's number 30 - two days late but it took a little more love to get it finished. As I mentioned in the last post we are going to stay with apples for a month and this is the second of that group.

This one started as a single apple but it felt too bare and so I added in the background one and the slice. I was very, very nervous painting that slice over my apple but made a decision, knew what I wanted to do and then I hit it.

The other positive thing about this guy is that I did most of it in one sitting. 90% of the main apple was done in about 45 minutes. I sat down, put on the new Matthew Ryan record and knocked it out. It still took a couple days of noodling to get it right but typically the first pass is a disaster.

I'm shooting for Thursday but don't hold your breath. We'll see what happens.


  1. I haven't checked out a new Matthew Ryan album in years (sorry, Mr. Ryan), but anything that plays into something this good must be worth a listen.

    My only problem is that I'm now having to decide: should I buy the painting, or budget the money for the undoubtedly even better things coming down the pipe? Makes me wish I'd played more poker in my life. Arrrrgh.

  2. Love it, love it, love it!! If there is such a thing as an expert apple painter, you are it and I now bestow that title on you!!!

  3. I love the idea of having an apple slice!! This is awesome--it looks like a photograph!! And the brown contrast to the green is simply gorgeous.

  4. Thanks ya'll!

    Tracy, the new Ryan record (Dear Lover) is a real masterpiece. It takes about 10 listens and requires attention but it's devastating. I've toyed with doing some larger paintings next year just from those songs they are so cinematic.

    Oh, and there still time for poker. Your handle could be "The Lawdog" and you can wear big sunglasses. It will be awesome.


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