Painting No. 27 - Out Of The Woods

8" x 10" - Oil on Canvas

I'm back with No. 27 after a couple week break. Sorry it was radio silence there for a while. We'll talk about that in a second but for now let's focus on the painting.

This is the first true landscape for this project and the subject is a park we like to go to (Sharon Springs). They have this quasi garden club that had made this garden with a pathway that winds around. It's dark back in there and opens up onto this really large field. During college I painted dozens of landscapes and I was more rusty than I thought when this one was started. It took several days of bending it and molding it to get the balance of the light right.

As far as the break goes - for some reason I started on a series of very different (for this project) and very diverse subjects. You'll see them over the next couple of weeks but I think it was too much change all at once. I thought I was making more progress than I really was and basically hit a buzz saw trying to make all these work.

The title is a nod a Nickle Creek song with the same name. The painting is obviously deals with the literal topic but I also feel like I'm headed into the light at last...

So that's it for now. It feels great to be back and I'm looking forward to this next set of paintings.


  1. YAY bro! I'm so glad you are back - I've been stalking your blog :-) This is gorgeous, and I absolutely love the periwinkle too!!


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