Painting No. 23 - The Three Amigos

4" x 4" - Oil on Canvas
(Three Original Paintings)

Something a little different for No. 23. (aka The Three Amigos). For this one I actually did three paintings - little ones - that are designed to go together. They are each 4" x 4" on very tiny stretched canvas.

I love painting these peppers. The color and shapes just work and doing them together like this was a little bit of a challenge. Here is a shot on the mantle so you can see them together...


  1. These are just so beautiful!! Perfect for the small spaces in a kitchen. Good job!!

  2. I think your previous commenters are a bit biased. These are awesome! Really look great!

  3. OMG--mom, I can't believe you used the phrase "damn straight"!! Classic!! Tis, you better watch out or else she might pull out her nine and bust a cap :-)


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