Painting No. 16 - Tea For One

8" x 8" - Oil on Canvas

I'm not that smart of a guy but I have learned one thing in this life and that's if your Momma and your Wife tell you the same thing you better do it. Fast. Which brings us to number 16.

I had this basically done yesterday but after Mom and Leslie saw it they both said it needed more color. I originally painted it almost totally with white and Payne's Grey which made it feel almost like a black and white photo. So, tonight I worked more of a butter yellow and some blue into it so it has a little more life.

You need to be a massive Led Zeppelin fan to catch the title reference. Ah, Presence – an album that was recorded the year I was born and continues to get better and better...

You can buy this 8" x 8", original oil painting from my Etsy store at this link.


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