Painting No. 11 - With A Little Help From My Friends

No. 11 brings us to the first of the cherries. These little suckers are way harder to paint than I thought and to be honest I was getting pretty down. They were all looking like deformed beach balls and I was not 100% sure where it was going.

But then I had an early birthday party and got some good inspiration that helped get me over the hump. Mom & Dad got me a book that provided inspiration, Meredith & Aaron ironically got the the color that I was missing (a cherry red - hello, McFly?), and Les got me a new table to organize everything. So with that in hand I was able to push through and quite like these two.

This one is on a stretched canvas and was toned with a really dark blue. You can still see that on the sides so even without a frame you can put a couple of nails in the wall and hang it as is.

If you would like to purchase this painting you can buy it at my Etsy store at this link.


  1. These are gorgeous!!! I think one of my fav so far. I'm so happy the red color worked.

    Hope you're having a great birthday! :-)


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