Got Nuffin

So I have no painting tonight. My Thursday one is about 40% done and I am out of gas. Sorry. My plan is to finish this one and post two on Sunday.

I am onto apples and am taking the backgrounds / settings up a notch so some more fun stuff to check out. As an olive branch I've posted where it is now so you can see a little bit of how they come together. Should be fun to compare this to what is live on Sunday...

Also, part of what has eaten my week is the mighty Peachtree Road Race T-Shirt contest. I am painting the main image for my entry this year and it's starting to come together. They are due March 1 so I have to pretty much finish that too this weekend. Here is a sneak peek:
See you Sunday. And yes, that is a pizza pan.


  1. Bro, no worries!! It's actually going to be cool to see the "before and after" pics. The P'tree shirt looks great!! GO Susan Lucci!!!!! :-)

    P.S. - I think we have that same pizza pan :)


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