Painting No. 8 - The Crane Wife I

Late Thursday but at least I made it. And look, it's a bird - an origami bird.

I was sick this week but am finally feeling better and was able to get this guy complete. There is still one more lemon but it was still too wet to work again and in lieu of trying to sell a hot mess I opted for the crane.

So, Origami. Some people get it and some people scratch their heads. Hang with me and let me see if I can make you a believer. I like this painting but in some ways it's a warm up. I think these are going to be really fun.

And the cranes too... so much there. This story. It's awful sad but inspiring at the same time. I had a thought to paint 1,000 cranes and then quickly pushed that aside. File under: insane.

Title is from the great Decemberists album but you already knew that right? Now it's time for NiQuil.

You can purchase this painting on my Etsy store at this link.


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