Painting No. 7 - I Should Have Quit You, Long Time Ago

For those of you paying attention that's a wink and a nod to The Lemon Song. It was just a matter of time before that Led Zeppelin tune popped-up here somewhere. It's (almost) too easy but in this case it's ironic.

Truth is, I should have quit number seven a long time ago but I worked it and worked it until we got here. Normally that is an express lane to an awful painting but in this case the texture kept getting better and better so I let it go. The background was white, then blue, then white again but now you see all that showing through. I did this one too with that orange underpainting I've been playing with and it's showing through the lemons.

This is an 8" x 10" painting that was done using oils on canvas board. If interested, you can purchase the painting at this link.


  1. Bro, I love this one!! It looks fantastic, and you're right--it's cool to see the all the different colors coming through!


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