Painting No. 6 - The Squeeze

8" x 8"
Oil on Canvas

Here's number six – lemons again but a little different. This is a straight on shot and I was trying something different with the underpainting. For this one I painted the entire background black and then laid the paint on top of that. The shadow under the lemon is actually the underpainting and I left a lot of gritty texture showing through. Also, it's on a gallery wrapped canvas so I painted the sides black and it looks nice even if it's not framed. That's all for now - see you Sunday...

You can purchase this painting at my Etsy store at this link.


  1. At least as it appears on my computer monitor, the texture of the middle of this lemon is as close to photorealistic as I've seen. I'm in awe. --When we lived in Atlanta, I helped a group from our church re-paint a woman's living room, and was informed afterwards by our service & mercy co-ordinator that I would not be allowed to paint on any future projects. (He was mostly joking. Mostly.) So my awe is very much real.

  2. Adam, this is beautiful!! Maybe my favorite so far!! Mom


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