Painting No. 4 - The Couple

8" x 10"
Oil on Canvas

Here's No. 4 and the last of the pears for a while. These are the same two as the previous painting but I was able to push them a little bit. I was scared of the red on the first pear but got over it and I think it worked out.

Not to get too philosophical here, but it feels that way a lot of times in life. You have something that is OK and you could push it and it might make things even better but it could also screw the whole thing up.

The nice thing with painting is that you can nut up, try something and if it does not work out there is always Gesso (look it up, Beavis). The only Gesso life offers is time.

I'd say you could buy this but it was an inside job. Mr. Rank asked ahead of time (read: "Houston if you don't sell me the next one I will beat you silly) and so it was sold before it hit the streets.

Stay tuned on Sunday for No. 5 as we move on down the road to underpainting magic, COLOR and lots of lemons...


  1. I love it!!! Gorgeous with the red color!

  2. "The only Gesso life offers is time."

    Poetry. Seriously. Even the rhythm works (it's subtle). This sentence will be stuck in my head for YEARS, although I know so few painters that I may never get to use it.


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