Painting No. 3 - Love Pears

8" x 8"
Oil On Canvas Hardboard

Here we are with number three of the 100. This was done a little different than the first two. First off, I was working with two pears instead of the one and I also added little more detail to the background. Plus, instead of using a photo I also painted this from real life to see how that went.

The one on the right would not sit up straight but it ended up working because they look like they are hugging. It's hard to imagine fruit having feelings but they do look like they are in love. Which is weird.

This is the second to last set of pears for now. I have one more of this same couple and then we are moving on. The pear on the left had a splash of red on it and I was already stretching to make this work. Check back Wednesday to see how that one turns out...

This painting is on Etsy and you can purchase by clicking this link.


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